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26 Strings Harp nylon strings tuning key. Harp Bag Color: Natural Elegantly Crafted Instrument Made From Ash Wood Combines Quality, Craft and Playability. The Scandinavian Lap Harp for the 26 string harp, by Deborah Dahl Shanks, is arranged for smaller harps, later beginner to intermediate levels. String chart for 26 String Celtic Lap Harp. back to Strings index. Color. String No. note, Frequency Hz, Vibrating length mm, Vibrating. 15 lbs. 26 String Irish Style Harp, $ +full set of sharping levers, $ +. The Allegro 26 is a lever harp manufactured by American harp maker Dusty Strings. The string Allegro is an ideal harp for any traveling harpist. So 34 is great, and if you're going to purchase a lap harp, I'd suggest not going less than 26 or 27 strings – you may be able to deal with 22 strings. 26 String Harp Irish Harp Celtic Harp Lever Harp With Free Bag and Tunning Key 26 Strings Harp Dupont Nylon String Tuning Key Harp Bag Color: Natural.

Affordable Harps Hand Made in the UK. Derwent Harps Adventurer 20, Derwent 29 and Explorer 34 string harps from £ plus Resonance Harps Pedal Harps. This harp is the same as the Sharpsicle harp but adds levers to the B strings making this harp suitable and very popular for harp therapy. Harpmini Collection - 26 Strings Lever Harp. This harp is made in Pakistan. Itcomes with tunning key. You can add order for travel bag, 4 l.

lap dulcimers, autoharps, psalteries and exotic strings such as sitars that we currently have in stock. Customers interested in harps larger than The Lily Lap 26 creates a colorfully delicate sound ideal for chamber settings, producing a tone that is even across its range from first octave G down to. This collection of sheet music offers so many choices for your small harp. These pieces will fit 26 strings with Bass C as your lowest pitch. Early celtic harps had bodies carved from solid wood, and brass strings, and only played in one key. Stoney End Anne 26 String Harp, in good condition. 26 string therapy harp is tuned C below middle C to G for a range of 3 1/2 octaves.

This string harp offers three-and-a-half octaves from C to G. It can be worn over the shoulder with a strap, resting across the lap with knee bones. The LAP Harp $1, for semi-gloss finish $1, for high-gloss finish (shown in high-gloss cherry) 26 Strings (nearly 4 octaves) Range: c to g3. The Celtic LAP Harp $1, for semi-gloss finish $1, for high-gloss finish (shown, left, in semi-gloss cherry) 26 Strings (nearly 4 octaves).

Sturdy, portable, and affordable celtic lever harp with 26 strings, satisfying string tension, and a surprisingly big voice. This string harp offers three-and-a-half octaves from C to G. It can be worn over the shoulder with a strap, resting across the lap with knee bones, or. String Harps by Dusty Strings · Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 Harp. Ravenna 26 with no sharping levers - black - $1, Ravenna 26 with Loveland sharping levers.

Octave 26 String Harp. $Price. Quantity. Add to Cart. The Sharpsicle™ Harp has levers on C & F strings, making it well suited for Celtic music. This string, /2 octave harp has a sweet and surprisingly strong voice, with the added resonance that comes from all-solid wood construction. It is here, what a wild and crazy harp! Its portable, 26 strings it PURPLE AND IT IS ELECTRIC. Seems like the perfect harp to cheer you up after the long. Image coming soon. 26 Strings – 3 1/2 Octaves – 31″ tall. The Limerick Lap Harp is newly redesigned. This harp has a bright voice.

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Limerick Harp Strings. 26 Strings; C3 to G6. Download the Limerick Lap Harp String Chart Limerick Harp Strings NYLON $ (5) Reviews: 1. Strings, 26 strings, nylon. Range, C3 - G6. Size, 31" tall, 23" deep, 13" wide. Weight, 12 pounds. Number of Products to Show. View. Harps for Sale - Lap Harps (24 - 26 strings) These are small harps that you play from your lap using a lap-bar or knee stick, or with the harp wedged between. New 26 Strings Lap AshWood Harp. New 22 Strings Celtic Irish Lever Harp Our 26 string harp is tuned via the fine tuners and tapered tuning pegs with. Strings. Showing 1– of results 22 Favorite Hymns for 22 Strings Four Celtic Pieces for Lap Harp by Williams Cover at and the almost lute-shaped sound box of the Eden 26 make it one of our most sought-after lap harps. String spacing at middle C: mm. Lap harp offered with or without carrying case. Case adds $20 and is $26 if sold separately. Music cards that slip under the strings are what make playing. 26 string lap harp. Walnut finish. Fully levered with gold truitt gold finish levers. Includes strap and display stand. Includes extra set of strings and. Buy 26 Strings nylon lap Harp Solid Ashwood and ashwood soundbox Natural Finish included harp stand extra strings set, Tuning Key: Harps - This one may suit you: Bedside Lap Harp Compendium by Cindy Blevins. It's made for 26 strings, all in C (and minor/modes) with no levers. I don't own it.
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