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35 Psi Front, 31 Psi Rear I run on my /40/18 Speedlines. This is as stated by Prodrive in the installation paperwork for the red lowering STi. Grand Touring Summer run-flat tires provide temporary self-supporting even after a puncture has allowed complete air pressure loss. /40R18 92W. if the max pressure is 41 i would back it down to like as they will build pressure when you drive and they heat up. That pressure seems pretty low.. my Continental UltraContact /40 R18 92W XL EVc Buy online, free shipping for orders of 2 or more tyres and quick deliveries from - order. Buy Winrun R Passenger Car Tyres /40R18 92W online - Supercheap Auto. The steering becomes quick and precise as a result, while the tire's structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the tires during the drive. In other words, after the loss of air pressure the tires can carry the vehicle for 50 miles up to a speed of 50 mph. This allows the driver to get to a safe.

Audi A3 recommended tire pressure can be found on a tire placard on the side of driver's door or door jam, on the fuel door or in the 40 R18 92W XL. The silica compound slows the tread wear rate down, while the tread elements manage to evenly distribute the driving pressure along the entire tread area. The. Outside-Pattern with well balanced rigidity makes pressure on contact patch spread equally, providing excellent dry surface handling.

Front Tyre Size, Front Tyre Pressure, Rear Tyre Size, Rear Tyre Pressure. /40/R18 Y 92, 35 PSI / BAR, /40/R18 Y 92, 30 PSI / BAR. Each vehicle has its own specifications for tyre pressure, but most fall between 28 and 36 PSI (pounds per square inch) however this could be greater. T/70R 60 psi ( bar). /60R 45 psi ( bar). Do not exceed the maximum.

P/40R18 83 LL is a Light Load tire with a load index of 83 and a maximum tire load capacity of lbs @ 35 psi, capable of supporting up to pounds or. I would use Front and Rear. 40F and 42R is better if you don't mind a bit of road vibration. From the title I assumed you are using / ^^ do not pump max tire press of the tire. that is stupid. 32psi is good for most cars. look at the drivers door jam and it will call for 30psi stock. is the.

New Kelly Edge HP /40R18XL 92W BSW tires at great prices, with fast, free shipping. Buy with confidence in our 45 day return Details. /40R Tire pressure varies from season to season. ; 40 R18 92W XL ; Rear Min. ; Rear Max. ; Front Min. ; Front Max. In order to use this tire, a vehicle must be equipped with a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). Bridgestone run-flat tires are designed to keep your. 1 Lexani Lxuhp /40zr18 92w Tires UHP Performance All Season 40k Mile 2 Fullrun F /40zr18 /40r18 92w XL A/s High Performance Tires.

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Ultra-High Performance All-Season Tire ; Inflated Overall Diameter (in.) ; Inflated Overall Width (in.) ; Max Load (lbs.) ; Max Pressure (PSI), The tire inflation pressure is directly related to safety therefore must be checked regularly as correct maintenance can prolong the lifespan of the tires. The air filling pressure values recommended in this brochure The tyre and air pressure data are the property of. Lizeo Group /40 R 18 92W. /40R18 92W, 29 - 39 PSI, 33 - 39 PSI. /45R17 91H, 28 - 33 PSI, 32 - 33 PSI. /40R18 95Y, 39 PSI, 39 PSI. /35R19 91Y, 39 - 46 PSI, 39 - 45 PSI. TBB TR /40R18 ZR 92W XL Passenger Tire is an all-season high performance tire for drivers of passenger cars. Car Tyre Pressure. How to check tyre pressure? Save fuel, increase on-road safety, and get more life out of your tyres by making sure they are properly. The absolute minimum unladen pressure on /45R17 is Bar 32PSI, so should be taken as the minimum to never run below. Still can't find any official 18". the traction is terrible on takeoff even with gentle acceleration. I fishtailed like crazy in the rain and almost hit another car. I checked my tire pressure. You can do this yourself using a tyre pressure gauge or any local National Tyres and Autocare branch will do this for you free of charge. What is car tyre. /40/18 92w xl tyres are fine on a t4 run 42 psi in mine with no probs in 4 years.. as with everything though,everyone has there own.
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